Dr. Wood is a widely-renowned expert in geropsychology. Licensed in Washington State and CA.

Dr. Stacey Wood, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychology; Licensed Clinical Psychologist, CA

Dr. Stacey Wood is a professor of psychology at Scripps College in Claremont, California,  Her work as an academic and researcher includes numerous peer-reviewed articles, book contributions, and guidance of the Neuropsychology of Decision-Making Laboratory.

In addition to her work within the field of study, Dr. Wood is an authority on decisional capacity matters in the courtroom. Dr. Wood has provided expert analysis in well over 500 cases in California and nationwide. Her experience spans from cases of undue influence, financial elder abuse, testamentary capacity, probate conservatorship, competency to stand trial, and more. Dr. Wood served as Lead Editor on “Assessment of Older Adults with Diminished Capacity: A Handbook for Psychologists,” by the American Psychological Association and American Bar Association.​ Additionally, Dr. Wood conducts statewide training in California for Adult Protective Services (APS) and probate and judicial training in California.

Dr. Stacey Wood

Board Certified in Geropsychology


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The Psychology of Mass Market Scams
Mass Marketing scams (MMS) extract an enormous financial, social, and physical toll on millions of individuals across the globe. Yet, there is limited understanding of what factors contribute to an individual’s likelihood to respond to these solicitations. To address this gap, we have begun a new line of research designed to better understand the tactics used in MMS by the perpetrators as well as individual differences in susceptibility. We have several projects in this line of research including an analysis of risk assessment, vulnerability in older adults, and interventions to decrease consumers’ risk to these scams.

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Dr. Wood’s professional experience is extensive and can be found here.

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Professor, Psychology; Licensed Clinical Psychologist, CA.

Phone: (909) 706-2764
Email: swood@scrippscollege.edu
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Molly Mason Jones Professor of Psychology; Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Washington State and CA.

Phone: (909) 706-2764
Email: swood@scrippscollege.edu
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