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As a leader in the field of study on financial elder abuse and fraud, Dr. Stacey Wood is uniquely positioned to provide testamentary capacity expertise to your next case. Dr. Wood possesses vast experience on testamentary capacity cases including contested wills. See Dr. Wood’s curriculum vitae.

Testamentary Capacity in California

In California, the legal standard for creating a will has two components: the testator must be 18 years of age and of “sound mind,” which means possessing testamentary capacity. Attorneys and judges in California are increasingly turning to forensic neuropsychologists with an expertise in decision capacity to aid in testamentary capacity cases. A respected neuropsychologist can help your legal team navigate what mentally competent means and provide valuable assistance in crafting your case.

Dr. Wood’s Testamentary Capacity Experience

Dr. Stacey Wood is a leader in the study of decisional capacity and assessing mental capacity in a legal setting. Dr. Wood has worked on well over 200 APS and fraud cases in her work as a consultant in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino Counties. It’s a credit to her reputation in the field of testamentary capacity that she served as Lead Editor and major contributor for “Assessment of Older Adults with Diminished Capacity: A Handbook for Lawyers,” by the APA/ABA.

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Why choose Dr. Wood for testamentary capacity cases?

"Wrote the Book" on Capacity

Dr. Wood served as Lead Editor and major contributor on “Assessment of Older Adults with Diminished Capacity: A Handbook for Lawyers,” a joint project by the American Psychological Association and American Bar Association.


A True Partner for your Firm

Dr. Wood has been commended by previous clients for her ability to assist in the whole process such as what records to review, possible legal strategies, clear detailed reports and a comfortable, clear communicator in court.

Uniquely Qualified to Help you Win

Dr. Wood’s main area of focus in the field of psychology is capacity in elder adults. This experience makes her acutely knowledgeable of the issues involved in your case and in a position to positively impact your preparation like none other.

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Dr. Stacey Wood is one of the nation’s leading experts on financial elder abuse and fraud.

Dr. Stacey Wood

Dr. Stacey Wood

Professor of Psychology, Scripps College

Curriculum Vitae

My scholarly interests are in the areas of neuropsychology and decision-making from a lifespan development perspective. I am interested in how changes in the brain, emotion, and motivation interact across the lifespan to influence how we make decisions. I am especially interested in taking theoretical work and applying it to everyday types of decisions. One such application is in the area of assessing decision-making capacity for the courts. An understanding of cognitive mechanisms that may underlie specific types of legal decisions (i.e. testamentary, financial) can help us to design better tools and be more effective as witnesses.

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Professor, Psychology; Licensed Clinical Psychologist, CA.

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Testamentary Capacity: Extended Information

Legal Definition of Testamentary Capacity in California

In California, anyone who is at least 18 years of age and of sound mind can create a will. “Sound mind” means having testamentary capacity, which the law describes as “mentally competent” in California. To be considered a mentally competent testator in California, you must be able to do all of the following:

(1) Understand the nature of the testamentary act.
(2) Understand and recollect the nature and situation of their property.
(3) Understand who their close relatives are and how they will be affected by the will.
(4) The testator must not suffer from a mental disorder.

Contact Information

Dr. Stacey Wood, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology; Licensed Clinical Psychologist, CA.

Phone: (909) 706-2764
Email: swood@scrippscollege.edu
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